Saturday, 26 March 2016


Mar 26/16 BLOG

Have you ever thought about the people that are in your life? The people you surround yourself with each day? Have you ever stopped to think how they affect your energy & mood?

I just returned from a huge horse event in Kentucky where there were 8000 people in attendance. The event was amazing but the most powerful feeling I came away with was this. “The energy was positive, caring and so polite!” From the time I walked up the steps to the arena there were young people smiling and looking directly at you welcoming and saying good morning. Even in the lineups for the women’s bathroom it was a social event with meeting new people and connecting. As I’m sitting in the stands I’m surrounded with friendly people from all over the US and would you believe 4 women from Ontario, Canada. (what are the odds on that!)

But here’s my take away. If we were to surround ourselves daily with caring, encouraging and positive people how would that change how we feel about ourselves and others? Would there be less depression and stress in our daily lives? Would people be a lot healthier both physically and mentally?

I think it’s time for all of us to honor ourselves and realize that it is very important to surround ourselves with caring, encouraging and positive people. Walk away from the negative people. Rise above all the craziness in this world and remember to “Love” yourself so you in turn can pass that “Love” around to others.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, this coming weekend celebrate with sharing your “Love” for others. Offer to someone that caring, encouraging and positive energy.

Have a great weekend.


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