Thursday, 4 October 2018

Do you want to be a MOM? a GRANDMA?

There is nothing more rewarding then being a Mom or Grandma BUT we need to start taking the responsibility as women to education ourselves and the future generations.

I am talking about our belief system that “Normal” for women or young girls is that they are suppose to put up with difficult periods. The side affects of headaches, migraines, heavy bleeding, cramping….

The next Belief is that “Let’s just put females on the birth control and stop ovulation and their monthly periods. That will fix all the problems!”

The education in this field needs to be much better. I have young teenagers believing that it’s so much easier to “Not” have a period. Regardless of whether they have had difficult periods or not. As young as 15 year old girls are stopping their periods.

So let’s get “Educated”!

1.       Look around your home how many products are you using that are hormone disrupters?
a.       Laundry soap
b.       Scented sprays
c.       Cleaning products

2.       Are you sleeping with your cell phone by your pillow? Are you wearing it on your body 24/7?

3.       Do you have a balanced diet? Do you know what it takes to feed your cells daily?

You have to be willing to not just reach for the quick fix! You have to remove items that are not only harming you but harming your kids and grandkids. Any of the above points can cause hormone disruptions which can lead to difficult periods.

When you decide to look at birth control for the soul purpose of stopping your periods then you also need to educate yourself on the side affects short and long term of what is being recommended. Here’s the most common.

IUD – Copper T or Mirena
Evra Patch

 Do you know which one has the less side effects? Do you know which one has synthetic hormones and what kind? Do you know what hormones your body is producing naturally?

The increase of women wanting to have children and having to seek medical help to do so is increasing each year. We have to ask ourselves why is that? When a young girl stops her period at the age of 15 and never has a period until she’s 20 or 30 when she wants to have a family, what are the odds she will get pregnant?

So how do we fix this growing problem? Let’s realize that education is key. Let’s realize that we need to start respecting our bodies and feeding our cells. Let’s removing harmful products from our homes. Let our body’s do what they natural can and then support our cellular health. When that happen’s side affects from your periods start to disappear.

Give Natural Health a chance. Let’s have the dream of enjoying our future kids and grandkids.

Candice Kontzie
Roycan Country Haven & Natural Healthcare
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

Thursday, 23 March 2017


When is a person ready??

Seems like a strange question but actually it can be a very difficult question.

Our “Will” is what either makes us go forward, backwards or stay in one spot. Have you ever wanted to do something? Sports activity, Crafts, Fitness program…..  Any kind of change.
So what’s stopping you? It’s your “WILL”.

You need to engage your “Imagination”. Put it down on paper using colored markers or pencils and draw what your imagination has created.  Your new ideas, dreams, future activities….

Tune into your “Intuitive” self. Where is your energy when you think and visualize your new venture or activities? If it feels good then you’ve tuned into your Intuitive self.  Don’t let “Mr. Negative” creep in. Be honest with how you are feeling. Listen to your gut.

Now you want to create that imagery to “Memory”. Visualize and bring in all your sensors. Do you see yourself actually making the changes? What are your surroundings? For example if my goal was to ride a certain horse on a trail ride, then I would feel the sun on my face, the light breeze, hear the birds or the water flowing, feel the saddle under me, feel the movements of the horse….. Then I would put that imagery to “Memory”.   You are already having the experience.

Then we have “Reason” What will it take for you to think outside the box. What reason might be stopping you from doing something extraordinary? What reason are you always giving yourself on not following a plan for better health? Give yourself instead a “Reason” to move forward. No more excuses.

You put all of these steps together and you have “Perception”. Your belief that you have the   
  • ·         “Will” to take even small steps forward.
  • ·         To allow your “Imagination” to run free.
  • ·          Listen to your “Intuitive” self.
  • ·          Create the imagery to “Memory” which you can bring forth 24/7.
  • ·         Give yourself the freedom to put forward a great “Reason” to do something extraordinary

No more excuses or lying to yourself you are the one in control. Let’s make this life’s journey extraordinary.


March 23/17 Blog

Thursday, 14 July 2016


July 14/16 Blog


Have you ever wondered what the opposite of “FEAR” is? Some people might say Courage. But if you think about it sometimes “Fear” is good. When you’re in danger you feel “Fear” so that helps you move forward out of “Fear”.

But what about the “Fear” that stops us from moving forward. The day to day decisions that overwhelms us because we have a level of “Fear” to move forward. The “Fear” that others will judge us, that you might not do something right, that you might not get healthy or the fear of the unknown. The list goes on...

In my opinion it doesn’t really matter what “FEAR” is, but it does matter how you deal with the Fear. The Fear is real but you have the power within yourself to take one step forward away from the Fear. Maybe you might have to ask for help but the key is moving forward. Asking for help and support is a positive step. You are much stronger within yourself than you sometimes believe.

So what is your Fear today? What’s holding you back from moving forward in life? 
Drop the excuses and really look at your Fear. Then take that one step forward.

 Empower yourself! You can do it!

Have a great day


Friday, 17 June 2016


June 17/16 Blog

Why is it we assume because individuals have been putting up with a situation for years that we automatically say it’s “Normal”?

Throughout my Natural Healthcare practice I see women every day talking about Menopause and how it’s just part of getting older.  What’s even more interesting is to be out in public and see various women having hot flashes and supporting each other that it is just “Normal”.

Well today I’m officially telling “Women” out there that it’s “Not Normal”. Your body is screaming at you to listen. You do not have to put up with those symptoms. 

Unless it’s easier for you to do so and that’s where the problem begins.

It’s harder to take a stand and make some lifestyle changes then it is to just live with the abnormal side effects of menopause.

So do any of these sound familiar:

In the months or years leading up to menopause (perimenopause), you might experience these signs and symptoms:
·         Irregular periods
·         Vaginal dryness
·         Hot flashes
·         Night sweats
·         Sleep problems
·         Mood changes
·         Weight gain and slowed metabolism
·         Thinning hair and dry skin
·         Loss of breast fullness
Don’t forget the urge to want to scream at someone.

So what if I told you that through sitting down taking a medical and personal history of your life. Doing a Blood Analysis to see how healthy your cells are and then putting together a lifestyle plan you would get rid of alot of your side effects. Would you be willing to:
·         Removing Toxins from your home/work
·         Removing sources of Radiation from around you
·         Looking at Nutrition and make sure you are receiving your 9 essential amino acids daily to feed your cells
·         Deal with and address your Emotional Stress levels.

As always choices in life are your decision.  I plan on enjoying the summer and having the energy to be with our family and grandkids and probably work with the horses. 

How are you going to enjoy the summer?

Enjoy your weekend. 


Saturday, 26 March 2016


Mar 26/16 BLOG

Have you ever thought about the people that are in your life? The people you surround yourself with each day? Have you ever stopped to think how they affect your energy & mood?

I just returned from a huge horse event in Kentucky where there were 8000 people in attendance. The event was amazing but the most powerful feeling I came away with was this. “The energy was positive, caring and so polite!” From the time I walked up the steps to the arena there were young people smiling and looking directly at you welcoming and saying good morning. Even in the lineups for the women’s bathroom it was a social event with meeting new people and connecting. As I’m sitting in the stands I’m surrounded with friendly people from all over the US and would you believe 4 women from Ontario, Canada. (what are the odds on that!)

But here’s my take away. If we were to surround ourselves daily with caring, encouraging and positive people how would that change how we feel about ourselves and others? Would there be less depression and stress in our daily lives? Would people be a lot healthier both physically and mentally?

I think it’s time for all of us to honor ourselves and realize that it is very important to surround ourselves with caring, encouraging and positive people. Walk away from the negative people. Rise above all the craziness in this world and remember to “Love” yourself so you in turn can pass that “Love” around to others.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, this coming weekend celebrate with sharing your “Love” for others. Offer to someone that caring, encouraging and positive energy.

Have a great weekend.


Friday, 19 February 2016


Feb 19/16

Recently I’ve seen a lot of ads regarding “Senior Complexes” “Retirement Homes” and my mind started to wonder. Now all of these places looked really nice. Lots of activities and interaction.  BUT there was one question I had, or that I’m asking myself. In all these beautiful places there are no animals! Certainly no horses! Now for those of you that don’t have animals I get the fact you will not be able to relate to this. But here’s where I’m having some problems with the idea of ever moving into a Senior Complex. When your life has been surrounded with animals and for me certainly horses how do you go from that to no animals?

Being around animals and sharing that connection is huge! I few years back we had to evacuate our horses because of flooding concerns. For two weeks we had no animals at our facility. I cannot begin to tell you how the energy changed at our farm. It felt so heavy. No life. Even our dog walked around and seemed lost. This didn’t change again until all the horses were back on the property.

I believe that in order to stay healthy the energy around you needs to be good. So if that’s the case how does a person go from animals to no animals?

What as individuals and communities can we offer or provide to those that are nearing retirement or looking at moving to a Senior Complex (sometimes not by choice) that will continue to allow them exposure to animals?

Can we not start thinking outside the box and create Senior Living accommodations on a farm with full services?  We could develop small communities with the care that individuals need. Would it not be healthier for individuals to walk outside and enjoy the country with animals and gardens and maybe even a greenhouse?

Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean it cannot be done! Where do you see your future retirement? I’m a country girl and a horsewoman by heart. That’s not going to change. 

So to all those country people and animal lovers let’s put the energy out there to create some amazing retirement country resorts!

Enjoy your day. 


Sunday, 10 January 2016


Blog #1 - 2016 Jan 10/16 

Who’s the Elephant in the room? What secrets are you keeping quiet about? Are those secrets harming yourself or others? Is it time to give a name to the Elephant or help the Elephant?

We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last 10 years working through our Equine Personal Wellness Programs and dealing with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) with clients. Unfortunately PTSD has neither age limit nor profession.  Through these sessions we found that we didn’t need to have the clients relive the experience but instead help them find the tools to manage the issues they developed due to PTSD.

One of the biggest problems we have is the general public having a hard time talking about the problem. It’s like there’s a strong need to keep it quiet behind closed doors if you experience the symptoms. It’s really not contagious! AND it’s certainly not a weakness to admit you are suffering from PTSD
PTSD can come in all types of experiences. The ones we hear a lot of are with our emergency services providers, (Military, RCMP, Firemen, Nurses, Doctors etc….) But here’s the thing if you experience any kind of trauma you can possibly have PTSD. For example you witness a death, an accident, are in an accident, receive an emotional shock from an incident or physical injury. PTSD has no boundaries. I’ve seen people that have lost an animal go into PTSD.  Any type of situation where you body has received a shock emotionally or physically causes health issues.  Having a healthy body requires dealing with “Body, Mind & Spirit”.

Those that experience PTSD deserve the opportunity to live life to its fullest. Through our EPW programs individuals are working with our horses on the ground. Various exercises have been created to assist you in developing your personal tool chest to help you when you experience symptoms of PTSD.
In Feb we start our mini workshops offered to individuals that suffer with PTSD. These are closed sessions (private) with only 9 individuals in the group. We offer 3 mini workshops 2.5 hours long on one Saturday in Feb, March & April.

So I’m suggesting that we start talking about the Elephant in the room and looking at other options that will decrease the numbers of individuals suffering from PTSD.   We’re doing our part. How are you going to handle or help the next person you meet with PTSD and remember we’d like the Elephant in the room to disappear. 

Have a great month.