Friday, 26 June 2015

What FEARS do you have??

Blog #2 June 26/15

Alright so I’ve explained the Energy Field and hopefully that has helped some of you.

“FEAR” of learning and understanding new ideas, theories, methods can sometimes be very difficult. “FEAR” is probably our worst enemy and most destructive in relationship to our health and well being. 

Have you heard of “Reiki”? Well when my good friend many years ago decided to introduce me to energy healing she came up with the idea that a “Reiki” treatment would be a good start. Now she’d already dragged me to a “Medium Reader” and a “Medicine Man”. She thought I needed to bring down the walls and understand energy! Trust me when I tell you those tall walls created a safe environment and allowed me to be in control. Or so I thought!

When we walked into the Reiki treatment I told the practitioner my friend was staying in the room because that was the only way I was going to relax! (Knowing also my friend could get me out of there if things got crazy!!!) Needless to say the practitioner mentioned I had a problem with “Control”.

The practitioner started by reading the “Tarot Cards”.  I thought ok this was cute but then she started saying things that did relate to me. That started the old brain turning. Then I was told to just relax on the massage table.  Breath deeply,  relax and close my eyes.  REALLY that was going to happen!! 

I really did try and somewhere along the line I must have because soon the session was over.  Now the interesting thing and what kind of blew my mind was I asked her what she had put in my ears because it felt like warm stuff was coming out and that when she touched my feet they had become really hot. She said she had done nothing! That she hadn’t even touched me.

Ok, see this is where the “LEFT BRAIN” engages. “This is just weird!”

My body felt different. I was more relaxed and actually energized. I knew this was something I wanted to explore more but the “FEAR” was so strong. I had A LOT of LAYERS of FEAR.

Fast forward to now and my friend and I still laugh at that session and then talk about how far I’ve come. Releasing the FEAR and it took awhile, has allowed me to really enjoy life and to experience things I would have otherwise missed.

So my question to you is: 
Are you ready to take the first step of letting go of your “FEAR”?
What will it take to chip away some of your “FEAR”?
Do you know what your “FEAR” is all about?

**Spend some time and figure out what your “FEAR” is and then write it down. Next time I’ll tell you how to deal with some of your fear.

Life is just an incredible journey and it’s so much more fun without the “FEAR”.

Till NEXT TIME.  Enjoy your Day.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

"Who the hell would believe this shit?"

Blog#1 June 16/15

Since starting my work in Energy Healing I have always told a good friend of mine that either she or I should write a book “Who the hell would believe this shit?” I’ve seen some amazing healing and there’s no way I can justify it with logic. I’ve tried to package it all in a neat little ball of understanding but I realized that I just couldn’t make up all the stuff I was seeing, feeling and experiencing.

So this blog is actually telling the stories of my journey of awareness and learning of healing energy.

Have you ever been in a really good mood and then walked into a room full of people that were either mad, depressed or had a negative attitude?? Then in less than 5 mins you are experiencing their negative energy and your good positive energy gets sucked out of you and replaced by feeling really bad. Some of you get this!! Probably A LOT!

It all comes down to the energy field around you. It should be anywhere from 3ft-15ft out from your body. That way people’s emotions hit that and bounce off. If your energy field is stuck to your body then you are welcoming in everyone’s emotions.

As a child we don’t understand how to block those energies because we’re learning and experiencing all new things. But at some point it does affect us. I see very young children with depression, very hyper, no attention span, headaches that they just thought were normal, digestive issues, stomach aches, just to name a few.

Some of us learn to put up walls to protect ourselves. Some walls become very high. For some people their sensitivity is so high that to have someone touch them is painful even to the point where brushing their hair is painful. They might experience ringing in their ears. If their energy field is causing this I can usually stop the ringing by pushing their energy field out.

So fast forward to adulthood and if you still haven’t learned how to protect yourself you are multiplying your health issues by migraines, digestive issues, weight gain, totally screwed up hormone levels and your stress levels are off the chart!

The question is what can you do? How can you teach someone to protect themselves?

First step: Imagine a white light totally surround your body and then push it out 3ft-15 ft. Then say to yourself “Only allow the GOOD to come in and the BAD to stay out”. Then take some nice slow deep breaths while saying that.

Sounds crazy! Trust me when I say I have 3 year olds learning this so you can too.

What’s happening is you are grounding yourself with the breathing and you are pushing the energy field out. Plus you are mentally already making the decision that negative energy is NOT going to come near you.  

So adults the next time before you walk into that room of “NEGATIVE” energy. PROTECT yourself. You will feel so much better and happier. PLUS beware that you’re not creating the NEGATIVE energy for other people.

Till NEXT TIME. Enjoy your day.


“Your life is not about you!"
 "it’s all the lives you touch!”

Monday, 15 June 2015

Welcome to my Roycan Blog

Who would have thought I'd venture into the world of Blogging! But here's the thing, in my line of work (Natural HealthCare Practitioner) I see so many people that are looking and wanting other options for staying and getting healthy. Education is so very important! So my Blog will be talking about and addressing issues that will hopefully help you make some decisions on your health and lifestyle.

So stay tuned!