Thursday, 4 October 2018

Do you want to be a MOM? a GRANDMA?

There is nothing more rewarding then being a Mom or Grandma BUT we need to start taking the responsibility as women to education ourselves and the future generations.

I am talking about our belief system that “Normal” for women or young girls is that they are suppose to put up with difficult periods. The side affects of headaches, migraines, heavy bleeding, cramping….

The next Belief is that “Let’s just put females on the birth control and stop ovulation and their monthly periods. That will fix all the problems!”

The education in this field needs to be much better. I have young teenagers believing that it’s so much easier to “Not” have a period. Regardless of whether they have had difficult periods or not. As young as 15 year old girls are stopping their periods.

So let’s get “Educated”!

1.       Look around your home how many products are you using that are hormone disrupters?
a.       Laundry soap
b.       Scented sprays
c.       Cleaning products

2.       Are you sleeping with your cell phone by your pillow? Are you wearing it on your body 24/7?

3.       Do you have a balanced diet? Do you know what it takes to feed your cells daily?

You have to be willing to not just reach for the quick fix! You have to remove items that are not only harming you but harming your kids and grandkids. Any of the above points can cause hormone disruptions which can lead to difficult periods.

When you decide to look at birth control for the soul purpose of stopping your periods then you also need to educate yourself on the side affects short and long term of what is being recommended. Here’s the most common.

IUD – Copper T or Mirena
Evra Patch

 Do you know which one has the less side effects? Do you know which one has synthetic hormones and what kind? Do you know what hormones your body is producing naturally?

The increase of women wanting to have children and having to seek medical help to do so is increasing each year. We have to ask ourselves why is that? When a young girl stops her period at the age of 15 and never has a period until she’s 20 or 30 when she wants to have a family, what are the odds she will get pregnant?

So how do we fix this growing problem? Let’s realize that education is key. Let’s realize that we need to start respecting our bodies and feeding our cells. Let’s removing harmful products from our homes. Let our body’s do what they natural can and then support our cellular health. When that happen’s side affects from your periods start to disappear.

Give Natural Health a chance. Let’s have the dream of enjoying our future kids and grandkids.

Candice Kontzie
Roycan Country Haven & Natural Healthcare
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada