Friday, 17 June 2016


June 17/16 Blog

Why is it we assume because individuals have been putting up with a situation for years that we automatically say it’s “Normal”?

Throughout my Natural Healthcare practice I see women every day talking about Menopause and how it’s just part of getting older.  What’s even more interesting is to be out in public and see various women having hot flashes and supporting each other that it is just “Normal”.

Well today I’m officially telling “Women” out there that it’s “Not Normal”. Your body is screaming at you to listen. You do not have to put up with those symptoms. 

Unless it’s easier for you to do so and that’s where the problem begins.

It’s harder to take a stand and make some lifestyle changes then it is to just live with the abnormal side effects of menopause.

So do any of these sound familiar:

In the months or years leading up to menopause (perimenopause), you might experience these signs and symptoms:
·         Irregular periods
·         Vaginal dryness
·         Hot flashes
·         Night sweats
·         Sleep problems
·         Mood changes
·         Weight gain and slowed metabolism
·         Thinning hair and dry skin
·         Loss of breast fullness
Don’t forget the urge to want to scream at someone.

So what if I told you that through sitting down taking a medical and personal history of your life. Doing a Blood Analysis to see how healthy your cells are and then putting together a lifestyle plan you would get rid of alot of your side effects. Would you be willing to:
·         Removing Toxins from your home/work
·         Removing sources of Radiation from around you
·         Looking at Nutrition and make sure you are receiving your 9 essential amino acids daily to feed your cells
·         Deal with and address your Emotional Stress levels.

As always choices in life are your decision.  I plan on enjoying the summer and having the energy to be with our family and grandkids and probably work with the horses. 

How are you going to enjoy the summer?

Enjoy your weekend. 


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