Saturday, 5 December 2015


Blog #16 Dec 5/15  

Well I do believe I missed Nov entirely! It was a very busy month from start to finish. The most exciting part was our “Roycan Fall Energy Healing Workshop”. This workshop is working with our horses in our Equine Personal Wellness Programs.

Most of us would agree that owing any type of animal does give you to some degree enjoyment, pride, comfort and love. From a very young child I had this connection with horses. We didn’t have fancy expensive horses. Two of them were work horses that dad used to clean out the barn with and move hay. But one summer he came home with a quarter horse gelding. Just my size and really trained well. He loved moving cattle and if I didn’t hang on while he herded then I was on the ground. I remember one time the bull wouldn’t get moving and the gelding decided it was his job to get him going. I’m not sure who was more determined the bull or the gelding. I was just there for the ride and hanging on. Needless to say the gelding won!

Through the years I have seen amazing connections between horse’s and their owners. Sometimes it’s like watching a dance.

Recently our grandkids have started to take an interest in our horses. They have no fear. But to stand back and watch the connection and bond they have with each horse tells a story all in itself.

Horses mirror the emotions of people. They feel your moods, your energy. They comfort when you need love and a hug. They are amazing listeners.

In the last 10 years we have worked hard to create our Equine Personal Wellness Programs. We’ve seen and experienced some amazing healing with our clients emotionally. The biggest thing we learned was to get rid of our “Ego” and allow the horses to be the therapist and healers.

In our fall workshop we witnessed that during the day. Those that could let their ego’s disappear had some incredible stories to tell afterwards. Their personal relationship with the horses will never be forgotten.

I invite you to visit our website we have numerous workshops planned for 2016 and limited spaces.   

Enjoy your Christmas Season.

Candice Kontzie