Thursday, 14 July 2016


July 14/16 Blog


Have you ever wondered what the opposite of “FEAR” is? Some people might say Courage. But if you think about it sometimes “Fear” is good. When you’re in danger you feel “Fear” so that helps you move forward out of “Fear”.

But what about the “Fear” that stops us from moving forward. The day to day decisions that overwhelms us because we have a level of “Fear” to move forward. The “Fear” that others will judge us, that you might not do something right, that you might not get healthy or the fear of the unknown. The list goes on...

In my opinion it doesn’t really matter what “FEAR” is, but it does matter how you deal with the Fear. The Fear is real but you have the power within yourself to take one step forward away from the Fear. Maybe you might have to ask for help but the key is moving forward. Asking for help and support is a positive step. You are much stronger within yourself than you sometimes believe.

So what is your Fear today? What’s holding you back from moving forward in life? 
Drop the excuses and really look at your Fear. Then take that one step forward.

 Empower yourself! You can do it!

Have a great day