Friday, 19 February 2016


Feb 19/16

Recently I’ve seen a lot of ads regarding “Senior Complexes” “Retirement Homes” and my mind started to wonder. Now all of these places looked really nice. Lots of activities and interaction.  BUT there was one question I had, or that I’m asking myself. In all these beautiful places there are no animals! Certainly no horses! Now for those of you that don’t have animals I get the fact you will not be able to relate to this. But here’s where I’m having some problems with the idea of ever moving into a Senior Complex. When your life has been surrounded with animals and for me certainly horses how do you go from that to no animals?

Being around animals and sharing that connection is huge! I few years back we had to evacuate our horses because of flooding concerns. For two weeks we had no animals at our facility. I cannot begin to tell you how the energy changed at our farm. It felt so heavy. No life. Even our dog walked around and seemed lost. This didn’t change again until all the horses were back on the property.

I believe that in order to stay healthy the energy around you needs to be good. So if that’s the case how does a person go from animals to no animals?

What as individuals and communities can we offer or provide to those that are nearing retirement or looking at moving to a Senior Complex (sometimes not by choice) that will continue to allow them exposure to animals?

Can we not start thinking outside the box and create Senior Living accommodations on a farm with full services?  We could develop small communities with the care that individuals need. Would it not be healthier for individuals to walk outside and enjoy the country with animals and gardens and maybe even a greenhouse?

Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean it cannot be done! Where do you see your future retirement? I’m a country girl and a horsewoman by heart. That’s not going to change. 

So to all those country people and animal lovers let’s put the energy out there to create some amazing retirement country resorts!

Enjoy your day. 


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