Thursday, 23 March 2017


When is a person ready??

Seems like a strange question but actually it can be a very difficult question.

Our “Will” is what either makes us go forward, backwards or stay in one spot. Have you ever wanted to do something? Sports activity, Crafts, Fitness program…..  Any kind of change.
So what’s stopping you? It’s your “WILL”.

You need to engage your “Imagination”. Put it down on paper using colored markers or pencils and draw what your imagination has created.  Your new ideas, dreams, future activities….

Tune into your “Intuitive” self. Where is your energy when you think and visualize your new venture or activities? If it feels good then you’ve tuned into your Intuitive self.  Don’t let “Mr. Negative” creep in. Be honest with how you are feeling. Listen to your gut.

Now you want to create that imagery to “Memory”. Visualize and bring in all your sensors. Do you see yourself actually making the changes? What are your surroundings? For example if my goal was to ride a certain horse on a trail ride, then I would feel the sun on my face, the light breeze, hear the birds or the water flowing, feel the saddle under me, feel the movements of the horse….. Then I would put that imagery to “Memory”.   You are already having the experience.

Then we have “Reason” What will it take for you to think outside the box. What reason might be stopping you from doing something extraordinary? What reason are you always giving yourself on not following a plan for better health? Give yourself instead a “Reason” to move forward. No more excuses.

You put all of these steps together and you have “Perception”. Your belief that you have the   
  • ·         “Will” to take even small steps forward.
  • ·         To allow your “Imagination” to run free.
  • ·          Listen to your “Intuitive” self.
  • ·          Create the imagery to “Memory” which you can bring forth 24/7.
  • ·         Give yourself the freedom to put forward a great “Reason” to do something extraordinary

No more excuses or lying to yourself you are the one in control. Let’s make this life’s journey extraordinary.


March 23/17 Blog