Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Reacting to Energy Healing

Blog #6  July 29, 2015

You cannot do energy work nor take energy classes without it affecting your own health and you certainly cannot help others if you’re not prepared to help yourself.

I talk a lot about our body “SHIFTING”. That’s basically your body trying to release and re-balance itself. During the first years of establishing our business my body went through some major shifts. I remember finishing for the day with clients in the arena (Equine Personal Wellness Programs) and heading for the house. By the time I got there hubby had a blanket warming in the dryer and supper ready. I'd head for the couch and wrap myself in the warm blanket and then the chills and shakes would come. I’d eat supper, go to sleep for an hour, go shower to warm up and go to bed. Then turn around the next day and do it all over again.

I learned through the training how taking in other people’s emotions had been hurting me. I was fighting hard to protect myself but also realizing that I still had a lot of stuff attached to my body. With every personal energy healing treatment that I received another layer would come off. The practitioners would say to me a 72 hr shifting period was going to happen. You could set your watch to the 72 hr mark because that’s when I’d end up in bed wrapped in blankets.

When I started taking the Upledger courses with CranioSacral Therapy that was another entirely different level of energy work. I remember just about being sick before entering the first class because I really wasn’t sure what I’d got myself into.

I had discovered if my body was shifting by shaking (usually my hand would go) I could put my hand in cold water and the shifting would stop.  So at my first level of CST after many treatments my body started to shift. I quickly had someone get me ice water to shut down the shifting. I felt at the time embarrassed that my body would not behave itself but also knowing that at least the water treatment worked.

When I took my 2nd level and started to shift and asked for water my instructor said “NO WAY!” I wasn’t impressed but she actually did me a favor. She said there are four of us with you and you need to experience a total release and let go of the control. That was a huge step for me!! But I did it and what an amazing experience and life changing moment. Thank you!!!

With every new tool learned the journey has continued and more amazing insights have developed.  My body has released many layers, the shifting now energizes me and I respect and try to listen to what my body needs.

We spend so much of our day "doing" instead of "listening". Maybe take a moment today and "Listen" to what your body needs to be healthy. 

More information on our website  regarding treatments.

You so deserve to be “Healthy”! Just take the next step.

Stay tuned for more of the journey.


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