Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Equine Personal Wellness Programs

Blog #4  July 14, 2015

Have you heard of our “Equine Personal Wellness Programs?” When we first started to create Roycan’s Country Haven I wanted to combine my Human Resource training with horses. Instead of teaching in boardrooms I wanted to somehow move that format to the arena with the horses. I started doing a lot of research and found other programs out there but nothing that seemed to totally fit with where I wanted to do.

I’d been a horse lover all my life. My dad brought me my first horse. Through the energy work I realized I felt things with the horses that most people didn’t. I’d seen how they could mirror your emotions and calm you down when your world was falling apart.

I started creating a format for working with clients using the horses.  Then I invited various business people to come out and experience a workshop and afterwards give me their honest feedback. From there the program began. I started slowly with just a few clients and then I had a Clinical Therapist who wanted to have sessions.  The end result was we formed a partnership and created group workshops using both of our talents.

 I trained our staff to understand the energy fields of the horses and how to clear the horses after they had taken in client’s emotions. Horses will naturally release people’s emotions by running in the field and rolling.  When you are in a workshop it’s hard for them to freely release when they are suppose to be working.

Through the use of the pendulum training our staff was able to keep the horse’s energy meridians open and allow them to release the emotional vibrations that they were taking in. Our staff was always aware when the horses had their fill of emotions and needed to be taking out of the sessions and relax.

These workshops are amazing to be a part of and witness the healing process. Sometimes it isn’t easy but here’s “WHY WE DO IT!”

-I witnessed kids leaning into the horses and letting them take their pain. THAT’S “Why we do it!”

-I witnessed a little girl blowing air into our 16.2HH horse’s face so he will connect with her and remember her. THAT’S “Why we do it!”

-I witnessed a little girl that asks if she can spend time with just me with the horses. Her relief and gentle smile when I said yes. THAT’s “Why we do it!”

-I witnessed a mom hugging the big black morgan stallion and allowing the tears to come. She was saying her goodbyes knowing her time on earth was fading but during that moment was allowed to feel some release of the pain. THAT’s “Why we do it!”.

- I saw individuals going through the grief labyrinth walking side by side with the spirit horse and allowing the horse to reach out and comfort them on their journey. THAT’s “Why we do it!”.

-I’ve seen a child that never smiles and hasn’t experiences any joy, finally smile at the horse and reach out for that connection with the horse. THAT’s “Why we do it!”

-I’ve seen client’s who have returned from war with all their emotions tied up in knots finally release those emotions with their first touch of the horse. THAT’s “Why we do it!”

-I’ve witness a grieving wife approach the horse and see the horse just put his head into her chest and allowing her to grieve the tears away. THAT’s “Why we do it!”

-I’ve witness our stallion screaming for my dad to come to him because he wanted to share and comfort him because he had just been told he had cancer. THAT’s “Why we do it!”

-I’ve seen parents who have lost their child, reach out to the horse for comfort and finally be able to release some of the pain in order to slowly move on to another day. THAT’s “Why we do it!”

- I witnessed the kids saying goodbye and giving hugs and asking to return (the next day!!). THAT’s “Why we do it!”

Are we tired? Yes      Do we feel overwhelmed? Yes     
Are we reaching out to others? YES
Is it worth it?  YES YES YES……..   

If you are searching for some new experiences check out our Equine Personal Wellness Programs. Everything is done on the ground no riding.

 Stay tuned.  Till next time.


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